In 2009, Simon Sinek gave a TED talk called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. In the talk he discusses the importance of understanding your ‘Why’. You can view the talk here: Simon Sinek: The importance of your why?

‘Why’ is your purpose, your cause, your belief. The questions we should answer for ourselves.

Promoting your ‘why’ is what people connect to. It resonates with people’s emotions (vital to compel people to take action and use your services), but understanding your why is important for us as individuals. It is self-motivating; confirming the reason you engage in your line of work and the passion you have for it.

We wanted to do this at Communication Collective. Why do we want to help people improve their communication skills?

We believe connection matters.

As Esther Perel states “The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives”.

We also believe that everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard.

The need to be listened to and understood is an innate human need. When we don’t feel acknowledged, it can fuel resentment and affect our mental health. Being able to express ourselves in the way we want to is a necessity for our self esteem and self worth.

The world is shrinking. As technology permits more rapid and widespread communication, what we do and say can have more impact than ever before.

Believe in your voice and use it to connect with others. It’s important you are heard.


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