Presentation Skills

Offered as 1-2-1 and workshop

How to present

Developing exceptional presentation skills is a vital tool which can make a significant impact for you and your business. All the trainers at Communication Collective are trained actors and we apply our experience on stage, film and television to teach you the skills and confidence needed to excel.

Whether you’re presenting on a stage to a live audience, virtually, or in a studio for media interviews, you will learn the importance of vocal and physical expression and how to adapt your delivery to your medium. Our sessions will help you and your team to increase professionalism and impact when presenting.

Skills you will learn


  • A deep understanding of what makes you an exceptional presenter whatever your medium
  • How verbal and non-verbal communication impacts your audience
  • Techniques to free up your voice and physicality
  • How to manage presenting into the void
  • How to deal with nerves and adrenaline
  • How to connect with your audience through the camera lens
  • Storytelling techniques to find an authentic self in front of the camera and keep your audience engaged
  • Clarify the core message of your content

Our clients say

“Really insightful, useful comments and advice to each member of the group. This was much more useful than any presentation workshops I’ve attended previously.”


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