Media Interview Training

Offered as 1-2-1 and workshop

How media training will help you

Our expert in media interviews comes with many years of experience as a BBC journalist. This bespoke training will give you all the preparation you need to ensure you feel confident when it comes to dealing with the press in a highly pressured environment. Your media trainer will help you to identify how you can best handle press interviews and conferences. The trainer will roleplay different situations with you to increase yourself awareness and ensure you have the techniques for handling challenging topics and questions. You will clarify your objectives in a pre-session call so that the session is built around your specific needs.

Skills you will learn

  • Ways to answer press questions succinctly and confidently
  • Techniques to develop personal presence and impact
  • An understanding of how to build confidence and self-esteem
  • Tools to deal with the stress and nerves that come with being in the spotlight
  • Techniques to manage your onscreen performance, what to say when answering questions under pressure.
  • An understanding of you how come across through video recordings made in the session and how to improve your camera person

Our clients say

“The training was very useful. An improvement was clearly visible. The tips and recommendations given were easy to adopt. I thought the quality and effectiveness of the trainer was excellent. Especially exercises with the voice and raising awareness of body language. This will definitely help me with my presentation skills tomorrow.”



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