Teleprompter Training

Offered as one to one, workshop or talk

How To Use A Teleprompter 

Our teleprompter training enables professionals to deliver video content with confidence. We train groups and individuals how to use a teleprompter with ease to create dynamic and interesting material.


Skills You Will Learn

  • Learn how to use a teleprompter naturally, without looking like you’re reading from a script
  • Camera presentation skills 
  • How to find your authentic voice
  • Storytelling techniques to enhance your delivery
  • Finding vocal and physical ease whilst delivering your presentation
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Gain confidence and enjoyment when presenting to camera

Our clients say

The training was approachable and professional. Charlotte had taken the time to carefully prepare before we’d met, and because of her skills she was able to identify things that I previously hadn’t noticed.

Warren Nettleford

BBC Broadcaster

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