Presenting to Camera

How To Present To Camera

We apply our training and experience as actors on screen to help your team to feel at ease when presenting on camera. Whether you’re creating e-learning videos, presenting live webinars or video content, our workshops help to raise professionalism of the speakers. We’ll give you specific exercises to help you engage your audience with a dynamic and conversational tone.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to connect to an audience by being present
  • Deal with nerves when under pressure
  • Explore storytelling techniques to find an authentic self in front of the camera
  • Find the core message of your content in a succinct manner
  • Techniques to help you focus and maintain connection to your viewers
  • Acting techniques to find vocal and physical presence
  • Filming individuals deliver scripts to camera with detailed feedback.
  • Find vocal variation: pitch, pace, pause, emphasis, articulation

Our clients say

“I am lucky to have worked with Jennifer and Communication Collective last year. Jennifer’s energy and enthusiasm combined with practical experience allowed me not only to improve my on-camera presence, but the training also included some great tools I can apply immediately to my business and personal life.”

Diter Wuytens, 2018

IP lawyer / Spokesperson

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