Assertiveness Training

How To Be Assertive

In our one-to-one and group assertiveness workshops, you will practice and learn how to have difficult conversations at work.

We will explore how to deal with conflict – how it is created and how it can be resolved. Through role play you will discover the skills needed to be assertive and how to actively listen.

During the training, you and or your team will develop a greater rapport and understanding of how to build successful professional relationships.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Theory and analysis of what makes a positive professional relationship
  • How to deal with conflict in the workplace
  • Techniques to build trust and rapport
  • The ability to handle pressure and think constructively
  • How to negotiate successfully

Our clients say

The training and coaching sessions provided by Emma were so useful that they are now part of the service we offer clients. Emma uses her skills and knowledge to help individuals of all levels of seniority become more effective communicators and I would recommend her services to anyone who feels they have room for improvement, which in my experience is nearly everyone.

Andrew Appleyard

Director of Media Relations Management

The Communication Collective work throughout the UK and internationally.

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