People in the midst of their busy working lives, often feel that there isn’t enough time. Almost enough sometimes, but regularly something slips through the net, or is pushed on to tomorrow’s to do list, again and again. How do we manage our time better so we don’t feel this panic at the sense of it running out? Why do we never get the satisfaction of achieving all you want to in the day? There is no clever secret, but, as with many things in life, it’s all in the planning. I worked with a client recently who was meticulous about her day to day planning. Every item on her to do list was given a set amount of time – and she ensured this was realistic – therefore she could tally up her time, knowing what she could feasibly fit in. This creates an inbuilt warning system that if various tasks over run, you know you are not going to get to the end of the day’s list, so you can let colleagues know ahead of time, or cut time out of another task to ensure it gets done. No more time magically appears but you are more aware and in control. How do you manage the juggle of your time?

Written by Celia Adams