They shout loudly. They make you feel overwhelmed. They pretend to be you, whilst holding you back but from what you want. We identify these voices as being our true self, when they are actually historical figures from our past, coming back to haunt us. 

Through gaining a greater awareness of how we psychologically block our professional development, the door of opportunity is opened.  This new awareness takes work. It’s not easy, to honestly look at yourself in the moment and decide to face your fears and wishes. 

The great thing is, if we can do this, we uncover new aspects of ourselves. By challenging those historical voices, we gain a deeper sense of who we want to be.

The next question becomes, how do you then continue the journey of getting what you want? 

I think that denial is one of the greatest anaesthetics to the development of the self. 

I don’t want to live a beige life, but one brimmed full of authentic relationships and creativity. 

This starts with the work I do on me. 

Now, are you ready to reach your full potential? 

Written by Charlotte Lucas