I was so impressed with last night’s 15 finalists of the Speak Out Challenge for the Speakers Trust. I had no idea what to expect and was completely blown away by the passion and maturity of these young people. Their skill in speech making was exemplary. There is nothing like listening and watching someone talk about something that they believe in. This is essential when it comes to speech making, you have to care about what it is that you saying otherwise we won’t. It isn’t something you can fake as the audience will pick this up. You have to mean it, be brave enough to be heard, to make people think or laugh or even challenge you. Artemis Irvine who won 1st prize at the Speak Out Challenge did all of these things. Her feminist views and strong opinions created a backlash on her You Tube page but instead of that intimidating her she used it to her advantage, talked about it in her speech and went on to win first prize. Take a look at both of the young contestants. Mohamed Jama was a close runner up and another example of a true leader in the making. A number of these confident and bright teenagers will undoubtedly become important figure heads in the future, so you better watch out generation Xbox the Thinking Speaking Generation are watching you and talking about it.