I’ve seen two clients recently who have looming presentations.. both are doing excellent preparation, and we’ve got to the point where we’re thinking about dress rehearsals. 

Our team of four at The Art of Communication all have a background in theatre which has taught us the importance of a dress rehearsal, a chance to run through your presentation in a way that is as close to how it will be on the day itself. I ask clients to have worked out their outfit, shoes, and any technical support they’ll be using on the day, perhaps a clicker for slides, or a microphone. If at all possible, being in the real venue can help hugely. 

It is invaluable to ‘perform’ like this ahead of time. You might realise your movements are slightly restricted in the jacket you plan to wear, that your shoes make quite a noise on the hard floor beneath, that one of the lights is very glaring as you cross through it’s path.

A dress rehearsal gives you the chance to deepen your learning, to be even better prepared, and to build a clear and positive image of success in the room.