Parenthood. The Juggle.

I wrote a year ago about the juggle of navigating the step back into work after having kids, but this topic has come into focus for me again. Perhaps it’s the articles I’ve seen over the weekend in the papers, perhaps it’s the much talked about Meghan Markle, or perhaps it’s just that this topic matters. Parents getting back into the work place after some form of parental leave matters.


My children are now four and two. The juggle is real. Work, childcare, admin (kids, mine, and the house), running a business, running an air bnb rental, and a husband whose career takes him away at short notice for long periods of time.

Life as a parent feels relentless. Finding the way to navigate my headspace is what I find hardest. How to prioritise, how not to let any of the balls drop.


 I spend time with other parents daily, and talk does often turn to work. It seems the parent chapter not only brings about huge lifestyle change as your focus shifts beyond all compare, but also, for many, a need to totally rethink their work life. For some this means pressing pause and being a full time stay at home parent, for others this means seeking out a more suitable job, one that’s a better fit, that works around childcare hours and makes the juggle do-able.


As a team at Communication Collective, we have worked with many individuals on interview technique, enabling them to deliver their best when that precious interview arrives. But how? Your timetable has such little flexibility, your priorities have shifted. Our one to one sessions offer tips and tools to put into place to ensure you find the time to prepare successfully, to manage your life timetable so that you can land that job. We role-play interviews, we shine a light on the questions you least want to answer, we ensure you are ready.


And what makes for a good interview? Clarity – of thoughts, ideas and answers. Focus. Positive energy. Confidence. Ultimately, the connection you create through excellent communication between you and your future employer.

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