Presenting to Camera


The session

We use our training and experience as actors in television and film to help individuals to feel at ease presenting to camera. We help you to refine and structure your content with your audience in mind. Using practical exercises, you will engage your viewers with a dynamic and conversational tone.

 This training can also be offered via Skype.

What will you gain?

  • Create interesting content
  • Finding your authentic, natural self on camera
  • Nailing the core message of your content in a succinct manner
  • Techniques to help you focus and maintain connection to your viewers
  • Refine body language on screen
  • Find vocal variation: pitch, pace, pause, emphasis, articulation
  • Communicate your expertise with passion
  • Filmed delivering script to camera with detailed feedback

Our clients say

“I was very impressed with the webinar training. I had only very little experience in presenting and not at all in front of a camera and I can say that Emma gave me the confidence to handle it. Thank you so much”.

Sylvie Perrone Dunet

Patent examiner EPO

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