Building Rapport


The session

We all wish to have authentic and interesting conversations with others – but far too often we fail to connect as we would like to.

Our training addresses why connecting to others is important, how to engage in enriching small talk and practical tools to hold conversations with others.

What will you gain?

  • Why connecting to others is vital for success
  • How to start and hold an engaging conversation
  • Why we feel shy in certain situations and how to overcome it
  • Active listening techniques to help understand and connect to others
  • Recommendations on how to foster positive and long-term relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders

Our clients say

“Celia’s coaching, direction and amazing session put me in the zone to deliver in a calm, confident, distinct and successful way. I attribute my success to her invaluable assistance and could not have done it without her help”. 

Rosie Dixon

CACI Bristol

The Communication Collective work throughout the UK and internationally.

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