The idea of pitching is thought to have started in the film industry, when writers and directors had to quickly pitch their ideas to studio heads. Ridley Scott’s movie Alien was originally pitched to the studio as ‘Jaws, in space’. The Bourne Identity was green lit from the studio with this simple sentence: ‘What if a man with amnesia has forgotten he’s the world’s deadliest assassin?’

It’s not only the film industry but all businesses follow a similar format

to tell a story in a minute or less.

You may have a few pitches looking ahead, but for the purposes of this course you need to focus on one pitch. Work out now what that pitch is.

Exercise one:

I want you to get online and start watching some pitches – look on you tube, re run some episodes of dragons den, scour the web and watch at least 8 pitches.

Have a pen and paper handy as you watch, note down what you think makes it work. Really dig down into the detail. Maybe have a sheet for positive feedback, and a sheet for negative – and then focus not just on content but also delivery. What works? What engages you? What sparks your imagination? What bores you?

When you have your list – tick the things that you could already achieve – so for example if your list has ‘nice pace, persuasive content, relaxed posture’ tick what you already have, and circle what you think you need to work more on.