Next up it’s time to think about structure. We use an acronym to keep on track: ARMED


When you begin your presentation you need to grab our attention. You could start with a question, a controversial statement or a problem to solve.


How will this effect your audience? Who are your audience? Will it make their lives easier, more profitable, give them more time with their family? Whatever it is, make sure it is RELEVANT to them.


This is the core for your pitch. Do you want to sell a product, get them to Invest the company? It’s crucial that you know your central MESSAGE.


Giving your audience an example. Put them in the shoes of what it’s like with this new idea.

DO/ think or Feel

What do you want your audience to do or think or feel? It’s a Call To Action to get them to sign up or invest or motivate them.

If our pitch was about selling electric cars, it might go something like:

Attention: Air pollution in London reached its legal limit for the whole of 2019 within the first two months.

Relevant: You could significantly help to reduce emissions not only for you, but for your family and friends

Message: An electric car gives out ZERO air pollution, and is cheaper to run.

Example: How many times have you driven or even cycled behind a van or truck that’s splaying out fumes?

Do/Think/Feel: If you buy an electric car today, not only will you be helping your family and friends but you’ll be making a world-wide difference to climate change.


Off you go and using ARMED, write your pitch!