How to Pitch.

Pitching seems to be a part of life for all companies these days – from summing up what you do for future investors, to selling your latest life changing app to cash strapped customers. How do you inspire people to jump on board with your idea and invest or purchase or sign up? 

We run regular pitching workshops to help ensure you deliver an engaging and focused pitch and get the results you want. 

We cover how to spark new ideas, how to set a clear ‘super objective’, how to structure your pitch, and crucially how to deliver it, influenced by our work as actors. 

Our techniques are tried and tested, having been used for a wide range of clients, from an Investment Manager delivering at her AGM to secure further world wide funding, to an IT company selling their latest software development to potential clients, to a teacher wanting to better inspire her students. We get you up on your feet working, and the exercises are not sector specific – a good pitch transcends boundaries and inspires.  

The Communication Collective work throughout the UK and internationally.

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