How To Create On Screen Presence

I’m returning to Alicante with Charlotte from the CC team to deliver three days of workshops in Presenting On Camera using a teleprompter. I really enjoy delivering these workshops, because it involves working with speakers from 21 different countries speaking 19 different languages, so the diversity of cultures is liberating. Each time we deliver these workshops, it makes me question further, what makes an excellent presenter on camera? And how do you provoke a response on camera? There are of course the basics tips of using a teleprompter; knowing your script well enough so you’re not reading the autocue; keeping the words in your peripheral vision so you prioritise your audience; imagining you’re talking to a colleague or friend to provoke a connection. However, an exercise that as actors at Communication Collective we return to time again, which is to have a clear objective. Objectives derive from the Russian theatre practitioner, Stanislavski who created a system of objectives to decipher what a character wants at any given moment in a play. I remember at drama school being frustrated with the technicality of ‘actions and objectives’. However, the more I adopted this technique in my professional work, the more I found the specificity of applying an objective helped to liberate my performance. Marlon Brando used Stanislavski’s methods of acting after studying with Stelar Adler in the 1940’s.

At Communication Collective, we’ve adapted Stanislavski’s methods to help speakers to understand what they want and what they want their audience to feel.

It starts with a verb, ‘to do something.’ We might want to inspire our audience to sign up for a new app, to impress the board of directors so they hire our company, or to educate a business on the legalities of trade marks.

As a speaker, if you have a clear ‘objective’ this will infiltrate into to your delivery, such as what you emphasise, moments of pause, slow down for impact or speed up to make it conversational. By focusing on your objective, it can alleviate the fears of being in a studio with people, lights, cameras and the silence that comes after the director has said action. An objective raises the stakes, so you’re not just telling them about your company, you’re inspiring them with your delivery.


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