We thought the start of 2024 might be a good moment to jot down some of our musings on the subject of coaching.

Imagine turning up to play in the FIFA World Cup.  It’s impossible to think you’d be there without years of coaching.  It’s also true that whilst the coach can lead you and guide you – if you haven’t practised over the years nothing is going to get that goal-scoring foot working as it should on the day.  Much the same in whatever discipline of coaching – guidance is step one, putting it into practice is on you.  

So if the coach can’t make you brilliant, is it worth it? We think so…

8 reasons we know coaching can help you. 

Coaching will help you see things about yourself that you might not have seen otherwise.

Coaching will help you to know what challenging questions you could be asking yourself to enable you to find the answers you are looking for.

Coaching can help uncover limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.  

Coaching can help you create new career goals and find ways to achieve them by being psychologically stretched.

Coaching can help you to learn to trust yourself and be resourceful.

Coaching shines a light on habits that are stifling you and helps you to establish positive structures and routines.

Coaching allows you to understand where you are on the wheel of life assessment and find ways of narrowing the gaps.

Coaching will help you find a sense of purpose and guide you to have clarity and focus, achieving your goals in both personal and business capabilities.

The good news is that Communication Collective offer both Communication and Executive Coaching to develop any aspect of your personal and professional life, and, as our clients report this can be life-changing. 

Communication Coaching will help you

Develop your speaking style so you can present, pitch for new business, request a pay rise, and speak with confidence and success.

Pinpoint the challenges you are experiencing and develop strategies to overcome and enhance your communication.

Highlight and focus on setting strong goals and identifying any blocks preventing achievement.

Identify your audience and be clear on what you want them to feel, ensuring your communication strikes the right note.

Learn and practise new skills to give you greater confidence in all your communication.

Executive Coaching will help you

Improve your performance

Build confidence

Become more self-aware 

Identify what’s most important to you

Clarify your objectives and goals

We look forward to seeing you in our coaching sessions in 2024.