Celia and I recently had the opportunity of working for four weeks with someone who was building their confidence up to make an important AGM speech. Working this intensely with someone one to one can feel like an intimate and scary thing, but it can also lead to profound and life changing moments of change. As you gain one another’s trust, it’s possible to take your client to just outside their comfort zone in a way that feels natural. In this instance this was enabling our client to feel that she could be utterly in command of her delivery and choose when to move and use her hands, something that a lot of people find very difficult to do, often feeling like they can’t control their gestures when they speak. This is because we find ourselves disconnecting our thoughts from our bodies. The consequence of this is a dull, lifeless performance where both the speaker and audience feel disengaged. We watch someone spouting lifeless words, with little impact. Over time the discipline of practicing to inhabit one’s words produces the conscious fusion of mind and body so creating a fully embodied and present performance. Looking back over the recordings I made to track our client’s progress I’ve been bowled over by the changes in her performance. The tiger has been tamed but only to hear the power of her roar more acutely than ever before.