Most of us appreciate that gratitude is a powerful tool.  But does it have a place in the workplace?  Can it help your productivity? How do you start having it?

But first….

What is it

Gratitude is about being thankful or grateful for what we have – it’s the positive feeling or emotion felt when we recognise and appreciate things in our lives. 

Not living in gratitude can lead us towards a feeling of ‘not enough’- a constant sense of uneasiness creating negative energy within our body. 

Gratitude is a powerful tool to help us move towards our goals, feeling good about where we are now helps to attract more of the ‘good’ into our lives.

Feeling gratitude within our own lives rubs off on others around us, so why do we hesitate to show gratitude at work?  Do we see it as a sign of weakness and vulnerability when in fact the reverse is true. It’s a sign of strength leading to stronger relationships with clients and colleagues, and therefore stronger organisations. Studies show productivity increases and higher happiness scores.

How to have a gratitude attitude

  • Feel it sincerely – the feeling is more important than the words spoken.
  • Focus on the present not the future – it’s about the now not being grateful ‘when’ things happen.  Notice good things, and appreciate them.
  • Gratitude can help turn a negative experience into something positive – take a moment to switch your viewpoint when something goes wrong.
  • Start a gratitude journal and write down three things every day.
  • Share your appreciation and take time to thank others. Show you value their contribution and see how it will reinforce the positive behaviour.
  • If you’re feeling stressed, step away and reflect on things you’re grateful for – the mind will then work to support you, by looking for positives, rather than focusing on the negative energy.