Mastering clear articulation and diction of the voice are vital particularly when you are speaking in your second language and online. In this 90 minutes session, you’ll explore a range of exercises in breath, tone and the muscularity of your voice. As well as techniques for colouring your language, ways to ease nerves and tips on non-verbal communication online.

By the end of this session, you’ll have clear practical exercises to be used on your own to refine your delivery for presenting in English online.

Live course instructions:

Once you have officially signed up to our workshop, we will send you an email with the Zoom meeting logins. In preparation for the session, please complete the questionnaire  at the bottom of the page.

Please prepare 4 slides or 10 minutes maximum of a presentation or talk that you are about to deliver or have delivered in the past. The emphasis is on your spoken word not on your slides, so keep your slides to a minimum. Have a quiet well-lit room to Zoom from and a good internet connection. There will be experiential exercises, so be prepared to stand up and move about, (and your camera position may need to adjusted slightly). Please be sure to be ready for the allocated start time!