Communication in a Post Covid World.

It didn’t take us long at Communication Collective to pivot into online courses, almost immediately delivering sessions via various web providers. Like many businesses, we had to adapt fast and now looking forwards, we’d like to share some of these new communication skills with you.

Many of us continue to present online or are talking through a mask – with techniques still to learn on vocal projection when three layers of cotton cross your mouth (We promise a quick video on this soon if you’re struggling to get your point across). 

We need to continue to adapt our communication styles. Life is now a mixture of virtual and in person meetings, with some offices insisting on a full return and others allowing for remote work. 

Here’s our thoughts on communicating in this everchanging post covid world.

Continuing to be flexible, and tech savvy. It is increasingly important to prepare yourself for both communication platforms in case you suddenly have to isolate or the meeting is moved to face to face.  Keep your focus on work you’ve done rather than where you’ll be presenting and keep your tech up to date so you can go online if needed.

Assert yourself.  If you’re presenting or part of a meeting online be explicit in your requests. If you want to see people ask them directly to turn on their camera or offer a phone call instead if that would suit the situation better.  We don’t have to be online in video conferencing for some calls, and we now have more confidence to know which is the best form of communication.

Add the story.  Facts and figures continue to have a place but increasingly we digest information via stories.  Social media allows us to see ‘behind the scenes’ so try to feed in stories when trying to get your point across.

Owning the Silence.  With online communications we had to learn to wait our turn. Speaking over each other doesn’t work. This was a real challenge for many as it led to silences in meetings. In the main, we got used to it and learnt that it’s no bad thing. When you meet in person, allow for pauses. These can help us to listen with attention and digest what’s being said.  Give yourself permission to stop and breathe.

The Single Tweet. This year has seen a continued list of influential people being tripped up by a tweet.   When communicating in a professional capacity remember personal social media posts are never private so be savvy with what you share and how it can be misconstrued.

Authenticity pays.  The public won’t stand for dishonesty or a lack of authenticity.  This year, more than most has seen people choosing who to work with based on their covid responses.  How you’ve treated your staff, claims you’ve made on Government funding, will all come back to haunt you if you’ve got it wrong.

Accepting Change. There is a good chance most of us will have changed in the last 18 months, some will be longing to socialise and others keen to hang back a little and be somewhat more selective.  It’s ok to push yourself a little if that’s how best you respond but be kind to yourself on the return and allow for colleagues and clients to be different than before the pandemic. The majority of people are reporting that they are resisting the return to their ‘old ways’ but instead see significant changes in managing their diary and work hours.  Keep your judgements to yourself and allow for these changes to happen..

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