I did the voice over for a new Startup company yesterday called Gradbase. These sorts of sessions can feel very technical. The pressure is on as you sit in a recording box and a timer counts down from three to one as the words you have to say are projected onto a screen alongside the images they are connected too. The story of the piece will eventually be told through marrying the voice over to the visuals. The reason I’m telling you all of this is because it’s another good example of how breath control is key to clarity of diction as well as nerves. I had some very long sentences that I had to say in short bursts and when I wasn’t quite in control of my breathing I had to have a second go. Once I was consciously breathing from my diaphragm I not only felt more centred but my words had more resonance, flowed more easily and sounded more meaningful. Ensuring that my mouth was warmed up, drinking lots of water and keeping at least two inches away from the mic also helped the session run smoothly.