“If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.” –Robert Baden-Powell

7 Reasons Why You Should Actively Listen

It prevents you from missing important information

It allows you to consciously hear and take in what’s being said

It builds trust and develops stronger relationships

It can help avoid confusion, conflict, and misunderstanding

It allows you to learn and build more knowledge

It helps others enjoy speaking to you

It allows you to be a better communicator

7 Tips on How to Actively Listen

Maintain a sensible level of eye contact with whoever is speaking

Don’t interrupt

Be present, avoid preparing your response while they are speaking

Ask clarifying questions at an appropriate pause

Empathise with the person speaking to you, and withhold judgment

Notice and pay attention to the non-verbal clues

Give your full attention and demonstrate using nonverbal signs eg nodding, leaning in

Use silence effectively

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